Happy dollar coin release day

Another dollar coin release day is upon us, and I have only just taken down my garlands and wreaths from the Adams coin release. This one is the Jefferson coin, a stately portrait of the first president to enjoy indoor plumbing. The ones I have all say “In God we trust,” but Jefferson’s really ought to be more noncommittal.

4 thoughts on “Happy dollar coin release day

  1. Perhaps the webmaster missed the fine distinctions in Jefferson. While he was taking a different tack regarding the divinity of Jesus, he was not arguing against the existence of God. “In God We Trust” is still appropriate, although placing what in most minds is our national motto on the edge of the coin rather than on the obverse or reverse says something, perhaps, about mischiefmakers within the BEP. Their arguments about cluttering either face could easily have been addressed. But not when one doesn’t want to do so.

  2. John in Nola, no comments regarding the politics of the Wonkette site to which we’ve been favored with a link?
    No comments here, either. But of course!

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