U of U collection

I posted a few new photos: one of the Palm Room entrance from Time‘s WH blog and a couple from the University of Utah’s Marriott Library collection of Truman photos. These are the same Abbie Rowe photos but larger. However, I can’t figure out how to get the full-size source pic; the link to the TIFs are all broken.

Both Truman photos are a little shaky. I’m pretty sure I’ve put them in the right rooms (today’s Beauty Salon and Visitors Foyer), but I’m not certain.

2 thoughts on “U of U collection

  1. Very nice pictures. I’m sure the foyer picture is right, I think it’s the area to the left of the entrance to the mansion proper, but I think the other picture is actually the Usher’s office on the State Floor. The double doors in the picture have since been removed.

  2. Actually, the second photo is Mrs. Truman’s post-renovation office. If it were the Usher’s Office, the ceiling would be much lower. The Chief Usher’s upper office was created by building a mezzanine floor above the regular Usher’s Office, so much so that the north window extends above and below the Chief Usher’s floor.

    This is the second photo where I’ve noticed the built-in (Simplex) clock in the wall, just like we had in our junior high and high school.

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