3 thoughts on “New front page: Ike Oval Office

  1. The front page looks really good. Nice to catch an employee at work too. The latest issue of the White House Journal is dedicated to the kitchen(s) of the White House. Unfortunately, the family kitchen is not featured. Advance info..the next 5 issues of the White House Journal will feature: Vol. 21 President Eisenhower’s White House, Vol. 22 James Hoban, the Architect of the WH, Vol. 23 WH Flowers, Vol. 24 President Abraham Lincoln’s White House, Vol. 25 Working In The White House.

  2. Flowers? Are they taking suggestions for the future? Volume 26: The White House Penthouse. Volume 27: East Wing Offices. Volume 28: White House Closets and Bathrooms. Volume 29: Oval Office Rugs. [sigh]

  3. Volume 30: Floor Wax at the White House.

    Actually, the issues on Eisenhower’s W.H., James Hoban and Lincoln’s W.H. sound especially interesting to me – I look forward to them!

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