Resolute desk question

Allen L asks about the Resolute desk:

In some photos of the desk througout history there is a plaque on it. In some photos its on the front of the desk and in some its on the back (where someone would be seated) and now it doesn’t seem to be there at all. My questions are

1. If the plaque is no longer there..where is it? who had it removed and why?
2. Why is the plaque on different sides of the desk depending on the photo?

My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

Just saw a trailer for the new Simpsons movie with “President Schwarzenegger.” We’ll have to review the accuracy of their depiction of the White House. My first impression:

There are too many windows on the north face. The proportions of the Oval Office are right, but the sofas are too far apart. The blind doors have been turned into normal doors, and the east side doors to the Rose Garden have been switched with the door and book cases on the west side. There is a naval painting over the mantle, which is appropriately Kennedy-esque, but I don’t think any previous president has actually had a nameplate on his desk; it seems… unnecessary. The rug is rather Clinton-esque.

Goggles clip….

What a mess…

Bryan D e-mailed me about a recent minuscule change to the WW ground floor page where I added a label for “Ward Room.” I got a tip about the Ward Room some time ago and had only managed to research it enough to feel I understood what and where it was enough to add a reference. On a ship, the ward room is an officers’ mess and lounge room, so I think the WH Ward Room is probably a fancier dining room just off the Navy Mess dining room. It seems likely, then, that some of the pictures I have on the Navy Mess page are actually of the Ward Room, so I made mention on the Navy Mess page.