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Added a couple pics sent by Stephen B and another of the Ike Oval Office pics.

After John in NOLA sent scans of a Jan 1961 Nat’l Geographic article with well-preserved images, I was able to re-color-correct the Ike-era photos (and one Kennedy-era photo) to more accurately reflect the original colors. The gray-green walls and blue-green carpet are very tricky to get right—especially with source images that are in varying stages of fading and deterioration.

UPDATE: Rare photo of President Marlon Brando and First Lady Audrey Hepburn-Brando welcoming former Governor Ronald Reagan to the White House in the Yellow Oval Room in 1981.

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  1. Neat pic of Ike’s office – and look! There’s the Hi-Fi Stereo console (“not just a home entertainment center, but a fine piece of furniture as well!” – the adverts always said…) that Jackie used in the West Sitting Hall, by the door to her bathroom and dressing room.

    Interesting, but I never had noticed – until all these new pics of Ike’s office turned up – that the cornice at the top of the room was painted the same pale green as the walls.

  2. Oops! My mistake – that’t not the Stereo that Jackie used in the West Sitting Hall – she used a different one there. The one Ike used here is also the same HiFi JFK used in the Oval Office. I was up all night trying to figure it out! : )

  3. When entertaining, I wonder what music JBK’s typical “cocktail mix” included?
    Let’s see- some Mancini, a bit of Bossa Nova, perhaps some Garland selections and Frankie too. Perhaps later, after a couple of frozen daquiris, (a Kennedy favorite) some Chubby Checker.
    Evidently the Prez enjoyed pop tunes from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s as well.
    Then on to dinner in the new President’s Dining Room. The table is set with JBK’s favorite Lincoln china. The menu will include Filet de Boeuf Wellington, Pommes Chipp and a spinach souffle. Strawberries Romanoff will be served for dessert. The wines will include a Chateau Mouton Rothschild and a vintage Dom Perignon.
    The evening will end in the Yellow Oval Room with demi-tasses AND smoking is allowed.

  4. That brings up an interesting question – I wonder if smoking is still allowed at la Maison Blanche? Oh yeah, didn’t someone say a while back that Laura Bush smoked?

    If smoking *is* frowned upon at Major Events, can you just see a line of well-dressed Power People hanging out on the Truman Balcony, furtively puffing away, looking like a bunch of “bad kids” smoking in the rest room at High School? LOL!

    Luke, that would have been quite an evening! I think you’re right on the money with Mancini – I’ve read that Breakfast at Tiffany’s was one of her very favorite movies – and it’s certainly my favorite, hands down. Andre Previn said that if anyone in the world could “out-Jackie Jackie, it would have to have been Audrey Hepburn!

  5. “First Lady Audrey Hepburn” Yeah. Who could we marry her off to? Brando? “President Marlon Brando” Yeah. Brando.

  6. I’m glad that John in Nola enjoyed the Kennedy dinner party. I did not know that “Breakfast” was one of JBK’s favorite movies. It is also one of mine- though my favorite Hepburn movie is Two For The Road with Albert Finney (1967).

    I doubt smoking is allowed anywhere inside The White House- maybe Derek can find out if it has been banned outside as well. I remember reading that JBK had a thing about nice ashtrays- antique dishes actually. Same for cigarette boxes- nothing typical.

    Speaking of Kennedy dinner parties, I think I read that the Robert Kennedys were hardly ever invited to any of the small dinner dances that JBK arranged in the private quarters. These events were the most sought-after invitations in early 60’s Washington society. Evidently the Prez really enjoyed these evenings. I believe that there were a total of 10 dinner dances during the Kennedy years. I can’t remember where I read it, but JFK liked to really kick back and relax- RFK was too serious and likely to bring down JFK’s jovial mood. Does anyone else remember this?

  7. Anonymous is me. Speaking of Brando (Derek), it was rumored that JBK and Brando had a short affair in 1964.
    Anyone think that this is true?

  8. I’ve read that in the mid 1960’s Jackie had affairs with Brando, Frank Sinatra and was quite serious for a while with John Carl Warnecke (sp?), the architect who designed JFK’s gravesite at Arlington and also had major input for the red-brick office buildings behind the row houses on Lafayette Square.

    I’ve also read that JFK had an affair with Audrey Hepburn in 1953…

  9. Why heavens, what a *timely* photo of Hepburn and Brando, considering the last couple of comments! You photoshopped this, didn’t you, Derek! Come on. now admit it, Mr Jensen! : )

  10. That photo is totally real; it’s just awkward lighting and a brief dieting phase that makes Brando’s head seem like it’s been clumsily pasted on the body of another man. Everyone knows that Brando defeated Ford in ’76 and won reelection in ’80. Otherwise, Tahiti would never have become a state, right?

  11. What– Ronnie wasn’t president after all- thank God, I always thought the 80’s were a dream (nightmare) anyway! And no Nancy- queen of the social-climbers. That also means those ridiculous red dishes she ordered never existed. I feel better already.
    Audrey and Marlon, interesting indeed! Madonna and Pee Wee Herman could have been the “second couple”.

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