Hey, super trivia deep background king Ken Jennings mentioned us. He’s looking for portraits of presidents suitable for reproduction. (I know, I know: most first ladies found their husbands suitable for reproduction. He already thought of that joke. He has a brain the size of Andrew Jackson’s cheese wheel.)

The WaPo also mentioned us, in regard to the movies and TV page.

And the AP references the Queen’s Bedroom page.

5 thoughts on “Mentions

  1. These mentions are great!! I don’t have a password for Ken’s site, but he could try the National Archives, presidential libraries and maybe even the WHHA for suitable pics. He could probably use his “fame” to get prints from any sources. I have a LOT of them, but again they are probably not the right size he’s looking for.

  2. Congratulations Derek. Great vision, great site with a REAL and easy to navigate style. Cheers.

  3. How cool is this!? When the Washington Post respects your authori-tie (as Cartman on Southpark would say…) then that’s pretty darn good!

    Glad to see all your work is paying off!

    About the movie Oval Offices? – I wonder if they build a whole new replica for each film – and TV show – that features it, or is there perhaps a big sound-stage in New Jersey, that has a replica O.O that they rent out on a per-production basis?

    You know – like the big New Jersey sound stage where they filmed Apollo 11 and then did a feed to the networks, like they were really on the moon? : )

  4. Nice entrance hall photo of Luci Johnson in 1966. Notice the much reviled French settee with carved mahogany swans heads……still there to this day!! How about an act of Congress to replace these with something more befitting the hall of an important historic residence??

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