Andy send a note tipping me off to some Eisenhower WH photos now available on the Ike Library site. Great mansion interiors and exteriors and color Oval Office snaps! Wow! More here

Thanks Andy! I’ll get right to work on these. The WHM has been light on Ike all along.

UPDATE: Stuck in ORD for three hours, I added 16 Ike-era images, which nicely filled in holes on a dozen pages. Check out the porthole TV in the West Sitting Hall!

Andy’s link to the Kennedy before-and-after photos. These are already included in the WHM.

3 thoughts on “Ike-o-rama

  1. Derek – I believe the Eisenhowers accepted the gift of Federal furniture for the Diplomatic Reception Room – which is still in place almost 50 years later – in 1960, instead of 1956, as shown under that picture.

  2. The photo of the West Sitting Hall shows us two doors on the right (north) side near the curtained fan window. The dressed out doorway leads to what today is the family kitchen. What was the purpose of the not-so-hidden door just west of it, since removed?

  3. I would hope that if Hillary is elected, she will remember that she is the President of the United States and is no longer responsible for decorating/redecorating the White House. She will have more important things on her mind.

    Would Bill do it? Who knows?

    In “American Monarchy – A Social Guide to the Presidency” author Jerome Packard says that Clement Conger, White House Curator in the 80’s described the Blue Room as Boudin’s Boudoir. Conger thought that the house should reflect American taste, not French. (p. 24)

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