What a mess…

Bryan D e-mailed me about a recent minuscule change to the WW ground floor page where I added a label for “Ward Room.” I got a tip about the Ward Room some time ago and had only managed to research it enough to feel I understood what and where it was enough to add a reference. On a ship, the ward room is an officers’ mess and lounge room, so I think the WH Ward Room is probably a fancier dining room just off the Navy Mess dining room. It seems likely, then, that some of the pictures I have on the Navy Mess page are actually of the Ward Room, so I made mention on the Navy Mess page.


2 thoughts on “What a mess…

  1. On NBC’s “West Wing” there is an episode where the Deputy COS and the Deputy CA meet with the president in a smaller private dining room in the basement of the west wing.

    Although they don’t mention the Ward Room in the show, it may have been the inspiration for them to play with the notion in the show.

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