Lady Bird passes

Claudia Alta Taylor “Lady Bird” Johnson has passed away at the age of 94, the epitome of southern charm and grace. Condolences and best wishes to her family and friends.

UPDATE: Link to tribute site. Also, changed the front page to that wonderful photo of her swirling around the Central Hall.

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  1. Lady Bird Johnson had a tough “act” to follow – Jackie Kennedy, but did it with charm and grace. Her efforts as First Lady will be remembered fondly.

  2. What a great lady. I met her back in 1999 and found her exactly as Derek described her, “the epitome of southern charm and grace.” When she spoke it took me back to when I was a kid. I remember that wonderful Texas tone she had in her voice. I could almost hear an admonishing, “Now Lyndon!” too. I asked her how her “girls” were doing, and she just beamed. She said she’d tell them I called them girls, and that they would love hearing that I did. I wished her well and she returned with kind wishes for me. With all she did to make things beautiful at the White House and around the country, I can only imagine the garden that waits for her now. My thoughts are with her “girls,” Lynda and Luci, and their families at this time.

  3. Lady bird was a facinating woman. Not only was she “the epitome of southern charm and grace”, as has been mentioned, but managed to take a relatively modest lagacy from her mother and turn it into a $150 million dollar broadcasting empire. SHE was the brains behind that notable achievement. Yes, she did use Lyndon’s contacts in Washington to get the broadcasting license back in the early 1940’s, but Lady Bird herself is credited with the business smarts to really turn it into something.

    If you think about it, for that accomplishment alone she would be considered an amazing person!

    Lady Bird, I hope you’re up in Heaven with your Lyndon, and with brand-new eyes, sitting a great big field of wildflowers!

  4. From a dusty East Texas town to the White House. A life well loved and lived. I bid her farewell and on to other adventures. I also remember her with her own quote:

    “Become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afraid”.
    Lady Bird Johnson

  5. With Lady Bird’s passing, all of the primary subjects, including J.B. West (1984), of “Upstairs at the White House” are gone into history.

  6. I saw a list that showed – in addition to most of the surviving former Presidents and First Ladies who attended Lady Bird’s funeral – that Ed and Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg were also to be in Austin today. How strange it must be for Caroline to be in Texas. I think this shows the very high regard in which Lady Bird was held.

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