New front page: Bush 2 Lincoln Bedroom

I changed the front page to one of the new Lincoln Bedroom. The WHHA seems to be holding off on a new An Historic Guide until the Bush renovations are complete, but that may be January 2009….

Interesting shot of the gold chairs in, I think, the East Room.

Also: congratulations to Mimlog on a, uh, Minilog.

12 thoughts on “New front page: Bush 2 Lincoln Bedroom

  1. To me, the wallpaper brings the room down to a human scale. I could do without the QUEEN FOR A DAY cornices and bed draper. That bed is ornate enough. I’m also glad they got rid of the unfortunate Chevrolet wainscoting. Overall, I think it’s an improvement. I always found photos of that room depressing. I’m not a fan of victorian decor, but this looks better to me.

  2. Mimlog – congratulations on your new son! Just remember that in this country anyone can grow up to be Chief Usher or Curator of the White House! (jobs far preferable to being President, in my humble opinion – and you get to stay in the White House longer… : )

  3. Thanks John! I agree about the jobs. Just think if my son (or my daughter–she’s nine–hey first female Chief Usher!!!) were Curator or Chief Usher, just think what scoops I would have ;)!!!!

  4. I like the new Lincoln Bedroom. Mary and Abe would feel right at home. The room appears to be very period correct- and even a palm in the window! It’s great that the infamous Lincoln bed is wearing its halo- it originally had this addition according to historical sources. The pattern upon pattern decor is very accurate for the time.
    When will we get to see the new Lincoln Sitting Room? I can’t find any pictures.
    I was reading a book today about the Lincolns’ time at The White House. Evidently Mary L. gleefully spent 20,000 dollars on new decor during her first year in Washington. Part of this expense was the purchase of the purple and white dinner service that Mrs. Kennedy enjoyed using in the second floor dining room.

  5. I agree with Luke. If the Lincolns walked into that room today, they would know that they were in the White House. The President would still be cross with Mary telling her that she had wastefully spent money on “flubdubs for this d*** house when the soliders don’t have blankets.”

    I am surprised that JBK didn’t do more with the Lincoln bedroom. I would guess that if JFK had lived, and had a (likely) second term, she would have spun her magic in there.

  6. Has Mary Todd Lincoln’s portrait been removed from the Lincoln Bedroom? I haven’t seen it in any of the post-renovation photos.

  7. I think what I kinda like sometimes is not so much that “I like the decor” but that it gives me a sense of what was seen as “hip” or in style back in that day. So while I might think something is hideous, it’s still kinda neat to see what Abe might have been looking at way-back-when.

  8. BTW, I don’t think the new look is hideous, just that it wouldn’t matter to me if I did when it means it gives me context as to what was the norm.

  9. BTW, I don’t think the new look is hideous, just that it wouldn’t matter to me if I did when it means it gives me context as to what was the norm.

  10. I would need to stay at least two nights at the White House. One night I would sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom and one night in the Queen’s Room. I really do like the new Lincoln bedroom because just like the rooms downstairs, it does reflect its own period.

    Also, seeing Victorian in color is a lot better than seeing it in black and white!

  11. Dennis made an interesting point- what the Lincoln Bedroom might have become in a second Kennedy term. JBK (and S. Boudin) had already changed the color of the room from yellow to white by 1962.
    Other than the color change, she left the room pretty much as Truman had it. It would have been interesting to see if the room would have become more like the decor of the Treaty Room- and much more a reflection of Victorian times.
    Speaking of a second Kennedy term- I happened to run across the famous 1969 photo of the then Mrs. Onassis leaving a Manhattan theatre after seeing the famous 60’s porn film “I Am Curious Yellow” with Ari.
    Dressed in a black leather mini skirt and wearing her signature head scarf, JBK proceeded to knock a photographer to the ground using a very strategic judo move. Too bad another photographer got the famous shot as she breezed on by looking very angry.
    I wonder if JFK would have allowed JBK to adopt her look of the late sixties- long hair, short skirts and the infamous over-sized sunglasses that became her trademark?
    This month would have been her 78th

  12. As a french, i must say that the White House is far more better documented than our old Elysee Palace, and far more accessible too!
    It’s really a great site and a fantastic work; Congratulations!

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