Blair more popular than Queen

As you might imagine, visitorship was up substantially for the weeks of the Queen’s and PM’s visits, about a 30% and 70% increase in page views respectively. But on the 17th, page views skyrocketed 600% from a usual of 4,000 to 25,000 in one day. “Yo, Blair” indeed.

Now if we could only get the Beatles to visit, followed by Jesus, we could solve that question once and for all too.

4 thoughts on “Blair more popular than Queen

  1. There was a really interesting show about Tony Blair on PBS the other night. Really gave me a better idea of what to expect with Gordon Brown (the incoming Prime Minister).

    Perhaps if the Queen used the same Savile Row tailor as Blair, her numbers might rise?

  2. How more removed from reality can the woman get? Tony saves the royal bacon and the Hatted One considers him out of touch with "the countryside"–,mainly the fox & hounds crowd. Given what she has for progeny, it seems quite possible the people will decide that they've seen the last of coronations.

  3. Imagine for a moment, though, the changes in the White House that Her Majesty has seen. She first visited in the 1950’s with the Truman Renovation decor; and look at the house now. I wonder what she thinks of the WH considering she lives in Buckingham Palace. I may be biased, but I’d rather live in the WH anyday! The WH has real history, warmth, and integrity. I know Prince Charles once said that “It really is a little house.” I think this is as it should be, not to ostentatious, but just right…..

  4. I’m pretty sure Buckingham Palace has real history, too. 😉 And, given that their family has occupied it for centuries on end, I suspect it has a warm, homey feel to them. In fact, I imagine all their castles feel like home!

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