Open post: outgoing PM incoming

Hot on the heels of the queen (not to mention the Swedish PM), Tony Blair is visiting the White House. Considering how few photos we got of the queen’s visit, I don’t hold out hope for particularly unusual pictures of PM Blair—unless he’s a secret smoker….

3 thoughts on “Open post: outgoing PM incoming

  1. There was a blurb in the news about Tony Blair staying in the White House and in the Queen’s guest suite. The Queen stayed in Blair House during her recent visit.
    There would be a precedent to Tony staying in the Queen’s suite as Winston Churchill stayed there during his extended stays with FDR during WW II.

  2. that would be amazing… to finally have a foreign leader stay in the WH itself… But I guess that’s the least Bush can do for Blair, esp. with so much Blair has done for him.

    I thought this last visit by Blair would be at least an Official Visit, with all the boom booms, fanfare and black ties, akin to what Kiozumi got when he was outgoing PM…

    But then again, hot on the heals of the Queen’s visit… perhaps getting the opputunity to sleep over at the Residence beats that!

  3. And speaking of the British Prime Minister in residence in the White House…

    I’ve read a story – was it in J.B. West’s book? – about an instance when Eleanor Roosevelt unexpectedly encountered Winston Churchill in his birthday suit, in a bedroom on the second floor. Apparently the Prime Minister was used to padding about his room nude and Eleanor didn’t realize he was inside at the time. Don’t remember the exact circumstances, but it was all very above board.

    That may have had long-term consequences for Eleanor… : )

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