Open post: Her Majesty’s a pretty nice girl…

Looked over the White House’s page on the Queen’s visit and noticed something odd:

This is Her Majesty’s first visit to the United States in 16 years. Previous visits include the following:
– President George H.W. Bush and Mrs. Bush, State Dinner, on May 14, 1991
– President and Mrs. Reagan, California, March, 1983
– President and Mrs. Ford, State Dinner, July, 1976
– President and Mrs. Eisenhower, State Dinner, October, 1957

Politics aside, is it really possible that QE2 has visited only Republicans?

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  1. Oh yes. It’s kind of a known thing that British Royals only visit the US under Republican adminstrations, though officially it is denied. (Elizabeth did visit as a Princess during Turman and stayed at Blair House and her sister Margaret and Tony Snowden dined with the LBJs. All of our President’s have been received in England by her Madge though.

  2. These are just the 5 Official State Visits, though, aren’t they? I could have sworn that the Queen has visited horse breeders in Lexington, Kentucky, from time to time. She IS free to travel where she pleases on her own. As “Mrs. Windsor”, I mean.

  3. Well, sure; and there are those times she went to Studio 54 back in the ’70s, but I’m talking about White House visits. I can understand how she might want to avoid Lyndon Johnson, but Jimmy Carter?

  4. Two things to notice:

    1. In over 50 years on the throne, she has only officially visited 5 times, not including her visit to the Trumans in 1951.

    In 1957 she came for the first time as Queen, for the 350th anniversary of Jamestown.

    In 1976 she came for the bicentenial.

    In 1983 she visited California, why I don’t know.

    In 1991 she came to celebrate the Allied victory in Kuwait.

    She seemed to have definite reasons for coming most of the time. I would be more worried if I were a Republican president looking for a second term and she wanted to come over. Both Ford and Bush Sr. were defeated for a second term after she visited them.

    Jimmy Carter did visit Buckingham Palace during his years, where, the story goes, he kissed the Queen Mum on the lips, which made him persona non grata with the Royal Family.

  5. As much as I admire President Carter as a person and as a statesman – since his retirement – he does seem to have a thing for kissing important ladies at inopportune times. In addition to the incident Dennis mentioned with the Queen Mum, he also bussed Jacqueline Onassis at the groundbreaking of the Kennedy Library. Apparently Madame Onassis was taken aback – as I certainly would’ve been (notwithstanding the fact that I’m a man…).

    Well, you know us Southerners are just more… folksy…

    Actually, I’ve known my Mom all these years and I STILL hesitate to kiss her without so much as a “by-your-leave”. (only kidding – but not much…) We call her the “Dowager Empress”. : )

  6. I posted a question to ASK THE WHITE HOUSE this week and low and behold they answered me. Here it is. Just go to and go to ask the White House page….

    Steve, from St. Louis writes:
    When was the last time the Queen, or another member of a royal family, stayed in the Queen’s Bedroom? Is the reason she did not stay there due to cramped quarters, or is Blair Lee House just more convenient and private? Thanks.

    Raymond P. Martinez
    Great question Steve.

    The Blair House is the President’s guest house and was purchased by the federal government during WW II. It is used primarily in its mission as the President’s guest house as well as the site for many high level diplomatic functions of the United States. It has a beautiful and graceful charm and is a perfect temporary residence for visiting heads of state and government. Besides being a historic home, it has 109 rooms so that an entire delegation accompanying a head of state can remain in close proximity to their leader. In addition, there are many areas where the visitor’s staff can work and take meals. Many leaders also meet with Cabinet members and other official members of the United States government. As you noted, it is located directly across from the White House complex so it is extremely convenient and does provide a greater degree of privacy for the visiting leader. For a virtual tour, visit

    Steve Brawley

  7. Yes. Blair House and the Blair Lee House next door were joined during the Truman administration.

  8. We can understand HM’s not visiting during the late ’90s. That blue sash she often wears might have kindled reminders of another article of apparel in blue which made its appearance not on the Grand Staircase but in the West Wing.

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