Fishin’ in the LOC

I went looking thru the Library of Congress collection again and came up with several more photos of a little bit of everything to add to the site. A few are rather unfortunately poor quality (which is why I didn’t get them when I first scoured the digital collection last year), but just having them is nice. Maybe the LOC will eventually add high-resolution versions, and it will be easy to go back and get those to replace the crummy ones. Particularly of interest are the floor plans from 1853, which—I realized once I collected them all—document the entire White House at the time. However, the images are too low resolution to read the room labels, unfortunately.

UPDATE: I found the same ground and second floor plans in Seale’s WH: Idea, where they are clear enough to read the labels, so I’ve added them.

2 thoughts on “Fishin’ in the LOC

  1. Thanks for the new pics Derek! I just love the one of the Entrance Hall with the lantern style chandelier. I do wish someone would put it back there. It looks so regal. I noticed it in some pics a while back (the one with LBJ and Carole Channing).

  2. It always amazes me how HUGE the original McKim, Mead & White East Room chandeliers were. No wonder the plaster ceiling was pulled down 18 inches, or whatever it was.

    Well, I expect that the White House staff is giddy with glamour and majesty tonight (is the state dinner tonight?) with all the Royal Doings.

    Don’t know if Her Majesty made it to the Roanoke Coliseum Tractor Pull.

    Apparently Helen Mirren (Who stared as H.M. in the movie “The Queen”) bent the Royal Nose out of joint when she declined the Queen’s invitation to dine whilst she was in the Colonies.

    Hope Helen has dual citizenship – and still has her house here in New Orleans – she may need them both!

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