Open post: The queen of England arrives

The White House will welcome Queen Elizabeth II—or, as President Bush calls her, Lizzy Deuce*—on Sunday for a state dinner. Prior to that she will have visited:

  • Historic Jamestown—which, she may be surprised to discover, has changed very little since her last visit
  • The Kentucky Derby—where her hat, while fancy, is unlikely to be the fanciest
  • Wrestlemania Revenge in the Roanoke Civic Center**

On her way out, she plans to stop in Canada and pick up one of those 1 million dollar coins with her picture on it.***

* I totally made that up.
** Ibid.
*** Ibid.

9 thoughts on “Open post: The queen of England arrives

  1. Great topic. I only wish Her Madge were staying in the Queen’s Room like she did in 1957 when the Ike’s where in office. I recall that when the Princess Royal visited with her brother in 1972, they stayed in the East End Bedrooms. It seems anymore no official guests use those rooms.

    Does anyone know if the Queen and the Duke are staying at Blair House or the British Embassy (Which is my second favorite building in all of Washington).

  2. I do know that the Queen stayed at Blair House during her 1991 visit. Since she is our guest on a state visit, I would think she is a Bair House again.

    I wonder if there is much online about Blair House. It is very historic and well-furnished in its own right.

  3. Further to Blair House…..
    The building next door, called Trowbridge House, is being refurbished as the official guest house for former Presidents. It’s neighbour, incidently, is the White House Historical Association, which is on my list of destinations whenever I’m in D. C.

  4. Uh-oh. I think Derek got into the mushrooms again.. : )

    I have read that that The Queen and Prince Philip are staying (have already stayed?) at the Williamsburg Inn, in Williamsburg.

    Don’t know where they’re staying in Washington – probably Blair House? They could do worse than to stay at the Tabard Inn, on N Street, just off Dupont Circle, where I always stay when I’m in Washington. I love the roaring fireplace in the lobby when you walk in on a cold night! And the rooms are just so totally Alice Roosevelt Longworth/Cave Dweller “Old Washington”.

    And let’s not forget to say “Thank you, Jackie”, for the lovely row of townhouses on Lafayette Square, where the White House Historical Association is – they wouldn’t be there if not for her efforts to save them.

  5. The papers here have reported that the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh will be staying at Blair House.

    Thanks, anonymous, for the link to Blair House.

  6. I am betting that Betty Windsor nearly “was not amused” when George II said she helped celebrate our nation’s bicentennial in 17….er 1876.

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