I watched the 1993 comedy Dave and posted my analysis on the Movies & TV page. The great majority of the movie takes place in the WH and most aspects of the mansion are reproduced quite well. But some of the changes are strange—like putting a giant bathroom for the president in place of the West Sitting Hall.

I also rearranged the Movies & TV page to be in alphabetical order instead of in the order they were written.

8 thoughts on “Dave

  1. It always amazes me that film producers are unable to reproduce an accurate floor plan of the White House when one considers all of the books, including years of guidebooks, which have the second floor laid out very well. We know very well that it would be possible for an estranged President and First Lady to sleep in separate bedrooms without taking the Treaty Room (which only has a powder room and no closets) and turning it into the First Lady’s bedroom. The same scene sequence could have occured (Dave looking from the balcony) by having the First Lady sleep in the Living Room, as a number of President’s did before her.

    And what President would turn the yellow Oval Room into a dining room when JBK created a perfectly good one in 1961, again shown in all of the WH Guide books.

    Derek, I hope the next time they come to this site!

  2. I find it interesting that filmmakers invariably produce a more ornate and well-appointed White House than the real one. That should be a lesson to our government! But the oval dining room in Dave is a case of simply getting the oval rooms and fancy wallpaper rooms mixed up. But then, creating sets is expensive, and they needed a room to stage several different scenes. The incorrect doorway in the briefing room was clearly done to better stage the climactic scene where the first lady looks on “from the wings” while Dave makes the big announcement.

  3. I agree with you Derek, the White House is often portrayed as more elaborate than it is.

    The only time I grant forgiveness to producers is when they cannot afford a reproduction at all and try to use another “house” for the White House, i.e. Gore Vidal’s Lincoln.

    One would think that Hollywood would construct its own basic model of the White House on a backlot somwhere which could be dressed and used for any film involving White House scenes.

    The Queen arrives today. Assuming that the Queen’s Room will be used by Her Majesty as a lounge/rest room when she is at the State Dinner next week, she will once again see the beautiful over mantel mirror and painting that she presented to the White House in 1951.

  4. The Queen is here to commemorate the 400th Anniversary of the founding of the Jamestown Colony – the first permenant colony in British America.

    : )

    I want all of you New Englanders to note that it will be another 13 LONG YEARS until 1620, and the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock. As I was rubbing it into – I mean TELLING my good friend in Boston, just last night, “America” did NOT start at Plymouth Rock, in New England, but in the SOUTH, in Virginia. And narry a Pilgrim in sight!

    We southerners have had to put up with the smug assumption of Pilgrim Primacy for well nigh onto 400 years now – ever since those pushy Yankees came – late – to the game. (he-he-he!)

    OK, actually it started in Florida in the mid-1500’s, but that’s a whole other Jerry Springer Show…

  5. Correction – 13 LONG YEARS until the year 2020 – and the 400th anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock.

    This hoopskirt and corset are blocking bloodflow to my keyboard…

  6. I wonder if Her MAjesty is staying at Blair House in preparation for the State Dinner at the White House next week. Apparently, reigning monarchs no longer use the Queen’s Bedroom for visits….too bad. Imagine the conversations in the Yellow Oval Room before dinner!

  7. The guests of honor at a state dinner do meet with the President and First Lady in the Yellow Oval Room and come down with flags and “Hail to the Chief.” So, there is great conversation, I’m sure.

    I think I read somewhere that if their are State Visitors staying on the second floor, there are constant issues of protocol and privacy. So, that is why Blair House is now preferred. It actually has great furniture and rooms. Maybe we could go over there sometime, Derek?

  8. Great review Derek. I agree about everything you noticed. And like Dennis said, having the FL in the Treaty Room. LOL.

    But even as a reproduction I thought it captured the essence well. As a WH buff I say they passed well, just not accurately. How about that shower in the ginormous bathroom?

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