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Prompted by an e-mail asking when LBJ exchanged the Boudin red Oval Office carpet for the old Truman bluish-greenish-grayish carpet, I began trolling the Johnson Library archives and found numerous good photos that I’d never come across before, including a May ’64 pic that show the red carpet in the Oval Office and a Nov ’67 pic that suggests that Johnson may have used it in the Fish Room (today’s Roosevelt Room).

UPDATE: Just found a photo of the OO with red rug in February 1965, much later than I thought it was there.

3 thoughts on “Johnson archives

  1. cheers for the info! The LBJ library has got one of the best photograph search engines for anyone interested!!

  2. Yes, I agree nice clear downloads. I too think the Kennedy red rug was moved to Roosevelt (fish) room.
    I visited the West Wing during Clinton’s years. It was the most amazing moment of my life to sit in the Roosevelt Room and then go to Oval Office, the Rose Garden, Cabinet Room and Press Room.

    Love this site. I am a big White House nut and have an extensive collection I will start to share with this group.

    Steve in St. Louis. Publisher of

  3. I love the Johnson pictures! Lady Bird looks so calm and comfortable in her housecoat at Christmas. She also seems to be a very genuine person. I couldn’t help but notice in the Entrance Hall photo of LBJ that there are ugly functional metal coatracks set up. I remember seeing them in Truman pre-renovation photos and thinking how ugly for the Entrance Hall. Hopefully, they are now rusting on the bottom of the Potomac.

    And, welcome Steve!

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