4 thoughts on “White House in Miniature

  1. The Miniature White House is amazing – I saw it several years ago when it was at the Smithsonian (back in 2000?). They also had several miniatures of Oval Offices for various presidents – each with its appropriate decoration – and if you happen to be anywhere near the Bush Library I strongly urge you to make a trip to see it. It’s on quite a large scale – huge, in fact, with both wings included.

    The Zweifels (sp?) update the “House” to reflect current decor – apparently they updated the Blue Room in 1995 when it was redecorated – but I haven’t seen pics of it updated yet.

  2. They havent updated the Treaty Room either.. it’s still six years behind time in the Burgandy Flux wall paper from the Clinton era.

    Also, don’t think the Lincoln Bedroom has been done up in the 2005 redecoration yet tho.

  3. It’s the mini-version of Derek’s vision for completely building a full scale model. I understand the purpose, it’s just a shame you can’t see the south portico. Is the north face removable too? I’ve never seen the model in person.

  4. No, the north face doesn’t open.

    In fact, he took a liberty with the library by putting it on the south side of the ground floor (I think west of the Map Room) because there was no other way to show it.

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