The porticoes

I added a 1906 pic of the North Portico and a terrific 1858 pic of the South Portico that I found in the Library of Congress. These go nicely with the text I added in the wee hours last night.

This just made me notice that the North Portico was redesigned as part of the Truman renovation. The steps on the sides where changed to be more expansive, something that had escaped me before. So I added a couple of other pics to illustrate that better.

2 thoughts on “The porticoes

  1. The beautiful stonework on the White House is always a delight to look at. And here again, it’s always amazing how tranquil and seemingly unchanging the facade of the WH is – which of course is all an illusion, as the White House changes constantly. Still – it’s fun to see all those 1858 people in a location that’s so very familiar. It’s conforting.

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