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Arrived home to find the 1962 Guide waiting for me, a bargain from Ebay at 99¢ + $4.75 shipping. It features JFK’s Oval Office with Truman decor, the Truman patterned Blue Room, and my first glimpse of JFK’s Pre-Roosevelt Room “Fish Room,” with mounted sailfish! Several other rooms are shown before their makeover also, including the Family Dining Room, which also includes an 1889 pic that I’ve never seen before. I’ll post photos in a day or so.

John in NOLA, I think you mentioned some time ago how to tell if it was a first edition or second edition. Can you refresh my memory?


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  1. How to tell a true first edition?

    Near the front of the book – just go to the page opposite the “Jackie’s Welcome Letter” and it should have a copyright date and then down at the very bottom of the page, it should say “First Edition” – or something like that.

    If a watermark of the profile of Millard Fillmore appears there, under blacklight, then you have a bootleg copy. : )

  2. You do realize that only a true White House Junkie would pay 99 cents for a White House Guide and then pay almost 5 times that amount for shipping, right? I love it! LOL… Glad you have it!

  3. It just says “Copyright (c) 1962, by…” No edition or printing information like the later ones have.

  4. Derek,

    My first edition guidebook just has 1962 in it on the title page– nothing else. The second editon has 1962 and second edition written on the back of the title page. I hope this helps.

    I too love the fact that you paid 99 cents for the guide book and $4 + to get it. I would do that!

    Well all my fellow White House enthusiasts, I have been on spring break this week–back to work on Monday 😦 We’ve been getting a nursery ready this week. Our second child is expected the 3rd week of July. Of course my wife nixed the idea of a White House themed nursery–we went with airplanes–go figure. I personally didn’t see a problem with it!!!! However, while we were cleaning out and getting stuff out of storage, I did find a watercolor of the White House that I purchased from the White House Historical Association back in the 80’s. I had put it with some other pictures and had forgotten about it. I’ve got to get it out and get it framed.

  5. Well, Derek – looks like you have a sho’nuff 1st edition of the White House Guidebook!

    If you could post a scan of the Blue Room with Truman wallsilk (wallsilk?)from the 1st edition, then I can scan the picture of windows/curtains of the Blue Room (still in Truman blue) that appears in the 3rd edition (but not the 1st or 2nd) and send it up to you.

    I actually HAD a first edition, but gave it to a good friend in California – and I kept my 2nd edition. As far as I can tell, the 2nd edition is exactly identical to the 1st (I went through page by page to see) except for the addition of the words “Second Edition” on the page facing the Jackie Letter.

    From what I’ve read, they sold out of the 1st edition very quickly and apparently the 2nd edition is essentially a reprint of the 1st.

    I also have a 3rd edition, that shows some slightly different photos of the East, Blue and Green Rooms – Green Room with the Coolidge-era presidential seal rug and the Truman damask wallcovering. Strangly enough, I got both the 1st and 3rd editions at the same used bookstore in Cincinnati!

    Mimlog – hope you had a great time on Spring Break – welcome back!

    You know you and your wife could always compromise and hang a model of Air Force One in the new nursery. : )

  6. My first Guidebook is Copyright 1962 and says Third Edition.

    The Red Room is completely restored. Blue and Green Rooms have JBK furniture, but Truman wallcoverings.

    The Private and Family Dining Rooms are created and restored.

    The Queen’s Bedroom looks more or less like Truman, but the overmantel mirror from QEII is in place.

    The State Dining Room is restored, as is the Library.

    The Diplomatic Reception Room is restored.

  7. John,

    I love the idea of hanging a model of Air Force One in the nursery. I think I will do that then ask her what she thinks ;)!!! Better to apologize than ask for permission.

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