Winslow’s second floor solution

Duane writes:

A comparison of 1948 photos and post-Renovation photos indicates a difference in the distance between window sills and floor level in rooms on the western side of the residence floor. This suggests that the Renovation itself involved elevating the floor level west of the staircase landing, including the landing, perhaps to allow for a shallower pitch to the ramp from the landing to the level of the East Sitting Hall and adjacent suites. Such a change in the floor level, however, would have required a change in the floor of the balcony as well in order to keep it at the same level as the Yellow Oval Room. Attempts to contact likely sources of information on this matter have not been successful. Does anyone have information regarding this matter?

UPDATE: John sent a very informative pic of the door to the balcony.

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  1. Derek – they did so some tweaking of floor levels during the Truman Renovation. Not sure just how much, but as you suggest, I believe they raised the main part of the 2nd Floor, while at the same time lowering the part of the 2nd floor above the East Room – to keep the ramp as low as possible.

    Exactly how this affected the floor level in relation to the Truman Balcony is unclear – but I don’t think they actually raised the floor of the balcony. They might have built up the floor of the balcony somewhat – but there is still a step-down from the Yellow Oval Room to the floor of the Truman Balcony. I have a wonderful and very clear photo I’ll send you to confirm this.

  2. I think it likely that the floor of the existing balcony was built up to accommodate any rise in the elevation of the floor of the Oval Sitting Room and all rooms west of it (and the Treaty Room as well).
    The need for a rise in the floor level above the East Room and the ramp to reach this new level is a mystery. The ramp begins at the equivalent of the west walls of the Lincoln and Queens’ bedrooms. This area is already above the East Room. The ramp doesn’t reach the same level as the floors of these bedrooms until its eastern end. But the East Room ceiling is all an unbroken plane, including the area directly beneath that ramp. The large central doorway to the East Room is directly beneath the western end of the ramp.
    Perhaps there are trapdoors in the floor above to accommodate the ghosts that now live in that space provided by the elevated eastern end of the second floor. Yeah, that’s it.
    On second thought, didn’t the Roswell crash occur about the time of the renovation?!

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