Truman archive spelunking

My foray into the caverns below the Truman Library yielded several more good photos of the Residence, which I have added now. Still not sure about that Barber Shop photo, tho.

3 thoughts on “Truman archive spelunking

  1. Interesting photos. Amazing how much it looks like my grandparent’s house in the smaller rooms – like the dressing rooms and the hall on the third floor. It sort of has that late 40’s early 50’s “look”. (this is surprising…?) The same acres of plain broadloom carpet and dark chippendale reproduction furniture!

    My one gripe with the third floor (and even some places on the 2nd) is the extremely awkward doorcasings (seen clearly on the pic of the 3rd floor elevator hall w/ arch) that just look really unworthy of the nice raised paneling wainscoting underneath them. I think they could have come up with a moulding that much more successfully complemented the traditional Hoban doorcasings. These just look sort of… “Home Depot”. As Truman himself said, there are some places where the ’48-’52 Renovation is just plain tacky!

  2. Can anyone explain the not-so-hidden door just left of the doorway to today’s family kitchen, on the north wall of the 1952 photo of the West Sitting Hall?

  3. That’s the old kitchen elevator door. JBK moved it inside the doorway when she turned to room beyond into a kitchen.

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