Barber Shop mystery

Returning once again to the Truman Library archives (the gift that keeps on giving), I came across this image of the “barber shop,” labeled “room BM-10.” At first I thought it was the second floor Beauty Salon, but then I compared it with the West Wing Barber Shop picture, and that’s a better fit, tho not perfect (I’ve put it there for now). I haven’t come across any room numbering scheme that shows “BM-10,” so it could be in the WW ground floor or maybe the basement, for which I have no official floor plans (altho the WH has used different room number schemes at different times). Any ideas?

5 thoughts on “Barber Shop mystery

  1. You know, I really don’t think this is the room the “Ike” picture was taken in either. It’s a different sink. And the metal cabinets are not the same… and the wainscoting is different… : P

  2. Halcyondays – Sorry! I couldn’t resist… : ) You were probably stuck in Snow Traffic way out past the LBJ freeway…

  3. “BM” is the designation for Basement Mezzanine in the White House proper. That is the level immediately below parts of the Ground floor, but above the full basement. IT roughly corresponds to the areas that have mezzanines above the State Floor (Pantries, Usher’s OFfice, etc.)

  4. Oh, of course! But this is the first picture I’ve seen from that area, and I have no idea what the floor plan looks like…. Dang.

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