I don’t understand MySpacers

Visits to WhiteHouseMuseum.org have been increasing pretty steadily since it went live in June 2006. In mid-July, it was pulling in about 3,000 page views a week. Now it’s pulling in over 30,000. That’s still not a lot, but it’s a good growth pattern. Typical daily page views of around 4,000 suggest there are several hundred individual visitors each day.

Adding links to WHM from Wikipedia articles that relate to the White House has been the most help, but a fair number of hits come from MySpace pages, most of which seem to be leeching photos (linking directly to them to be served from my host when someone looks at their page). I don’t really understand why Dorishemar would want a picture of George Bush’s sitting room as her background, much less why Rory the Bass would want the Presidential Park diagram as his. And I’m completely baffled as to why Budd Dwyer Suicide Fan Club would want a picture of Harry Truman’s bowling alley prominently displayed along with Ronald McHitler.

Top 11 Queries that bring visitors to WHM:

  • white house museum (multiple variations)
  • white house bowling alley
  • butler’s pantry
  • white house floor plan
  • resolute desk
  • white house swimming pool
  • roosevelt room
  • white house residence
  • tennis
  • truman balcony
  • oval office

6 thoughts on “I don’t understand MySpacers

  1. [shame]Derek, I confess, I’m the one who is responsible for 2000 page views a day. I’m addicted. {/shame]

  2. John, I think you need to go stand in the corner of the Lincoln Sitting Room for that remark!

  3. Well, OK, as long as they’re playing Beethoven or Billie Holiday. Or anything by Gershwin and sung by Ethel Merman. : )

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