Open post: What this country needs….

After an e-mail exchange on the subject of Tade Styka’s equestrian portrait of TR in the Roosevelt Room, it occurred to me that what this country needs is a dollar coin with TR’s portrait. Was there ever a face better suited to the obverse of hard specie? I ask you, what face has this nation chosen to chisel in stone 60 feet high and yet not mounted on a minted round? And don’t tell me he’s already on the reverse of the South Dakota quarter. Theodore Roosevelt should not have to appear in the company of a ring-necked pheasant!

I know that he’ll get his moment in a few years, but he’ll be lumped in with McKinley, Taft, and Wilson, for pity’s sake. Maybe TR’s could be a two dollar coin. The man needs his own denomination! And for the reverse? A bull moose whacking a Spaniard with a big stick.


10 thoughts on “Open post: What this country needs….

  1. Perhaps Teddy on one side and Charles McKim on the other? Don’t know where they’d put the Moose…

  2. The White House needs an equestion portrait of every president! And maybe first ladies too.

  3. How bout instead of rotating the president’s faces on dollar coins ( a horrible idea considering that it has been proven time and time again that no one uses dollar coins, they just collect them, a fact that will be hightened considering that there are a bunch to collect), how about instead they rotate the president’s faces on paper dollars.

  4. People would just collect those too. “I’ll trade you two fives with Lincoln at 45 degrees for a ten with Hamilton at 30 degrees.”

  5. What about a “Teddy” Visa or Mastercard? That way you could get the Moose, a Big Stick and Charles McKim all on one image. A strange image, granted, but still…

  6. Still, these things are alot more likely to circulate if they are put on a type of currency that people actually use.

    I wouldnt be suprised iof the presidential dollar coin thing is ended before it is supposed to and either stops completly or becomes special order commemorative coins instead.

  7. As Derek already knows, I’m a Canadian . . . yes . . .a Canadian White House addict . . . go figure. In Canada we use $1 and $2 coins. The only way it to make using them a success was to eliminate the use of the paper versions. I didn’t like it at first but over time you don’t care, especially when you see how much it saves the tax payers by not having to print as much cash.

  8. Wingnut is correct. We’re comfortable with the “Loonie” and “Toonie”………and yes I’m another WH fanatic up here in the ‘Peg. I hope we don’t put our former Prime Ministers heads on our coins, stick to the birds and Her Majesty, please!

  9. OK – somebody here is gonna have to develop an obsession with 24 Sussex Drive, in Ottawa… we’re gonna have to learn what that’s all aboot. 🙂

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