3 thoughts on “Furnishings

  1. Thanks for that, Derek. I enjoy seeing the patterns. I think the Wilson China is very underrated. I like the Wilson, Truman and Reagan China, even though I do not like gold or vermeil.

    Also thanks for the photo in the furnishings for the Childe Hassam painting “Avenue in the Rain”, one of my favorite paintings. I have a great litho of it. Imagine being President and getting to select your paintings for the Oval Office and family quarters!

  2. I too love the Wilson china. I don’t care for Truman or Reagan’s however. There’s something about the Reagan plate that makes me feel like I’m in danger of being bitten by it.

  3. Speaking of bitten. I noticed that picture of Reagan in the Living room (other section) with that huge big headed portrait of Nancy Reagan! Who could work with that up there. It looks like 5th grade art anyway. No disrespect to 5th graders.

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