Other oval rooms

I added a couple more images sent by Mimlog to the Oval Office page. One of them is Nixon’s OO just after moving in and the other is Nixon talking to the Apollo astronauts. In both, we see Johnson’s decor, but I noticed that the curtains changed: there is blue edging in the 1969 pic. In the 1964 guide, Johnson’s OO has Boudin’s original curtains with red edging, but I’m not sure who made the change.

Also, while I was looking at the ’64 guide, I decided to add a couple of images to the Yellow Oval Room page: the room in ’64, and a bridal pic of Lynda in ’67 that I had been too lazy to place and date. (I also reprocessed a Kennedy pic.)


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  1. Ooops! I didn’t read this entry ’till after I’d read the first one – so you noticed the blue trim on the “Nixon” curtains too. So… uh… “what you said”… 🙂

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