More visitory goodness

Added several more photos from visitors to the White House, including a museum shot of the old 1903 piano in the Smithsonian and the Kennedy swimming pool mural, which was removed from the room and put in what is apparently a Kennedy Library conference room. With a little help from the straightener, the color-corrector, and the brightener, these photos are all great. See What’s New.


4 thoughts on “More visitory goodness

  1. Interesting new pix – especially nice one of the Blue Room. Neat new lamps – either Solar or Sinumbra lamps on that pier table.

    And look – there’s Harriet Lane’s “Pouf” (no, I’m not gonna say it…) in the China Room.

  2. I am glad to see Harriet’s ottoman in the China Room. It is an historic piece of furniture that deserves a spot somewhere in the White House. I wonder if the room has been redone.

  3. When I was back in Washington in 2000, Harriet’s ottoman was in the White House visitor’s center (in the Department of Commerce building, I think). I don’t remember what it was upholstered in then. I’m glad they have it back in the House.

    I do remember that they had a mock-up of the (then-more-or-less) “new” Blue Room, with a Bellange side chair, some of the new carpet and (If I remember correctly) a segment of wainscoting/wall with the new wallpaper and border.

    If you haven’t seen the W.H. Visitor’s Center and are planning a trip to Washington, I highly recommend it!

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