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  1. Does anyone know the dimensions of the Oval Office, vs. oval rooms in the Residence? I’ve always wondered if past rugs from the Oval Office could be used in the residence.

  2. Wikipedia gives this for the OO:
    Long axis: 35′ 10″ (10.9m)
    Short axis: 29′ (8.8m)
    Height: 18′ 6″ (5.6m)

    And, according to the LOC diagrams, the oval rooms in the mansion are not quite 40 feet by 30 feet.

    So the OO is slightly smaller, but the rugs are always smaller still to show some of the wood floor. OO rugs would fit pretty well in the Yellow, Blue, or Dip Room then.

  3. Derek – thanks for the O.O information! I wonder if Eric Gugler copied the dimensions from the 1909 Taft Oval Office, or came up with his own scheme. I know the 1909 mantle was reused in the 1934 office.

    Do departing presidents get to take their Oval Office rugs to use in their (obligatory) O.O. replicas, at their Libraries? I know the rugs stay behind when they leave, at least until their successor redecorates.

    If not, is there a big stack of former president’s Oval Office Rugs in the basement?!

  4. I’m certain that I’ve read that the rugs go into storage and are available to later presidents. I am equally sure that the rugs in presidential libraries are custom replicas, especially since most of them are not full scale (The Johnson Library’s is 7/8 scale; apparently not everything is bigger in Texas after all).

  5. As far as I know, the “Oval Office” at the Carter Presidential Library, in Atlanta, is full scale. I have a cousin who’s an architect, who was with the firm – Jova/Busby/Daniels, involved with reproducing the Carter O.O. I got a peek when it was being installed and until that moment, I never knew that there was a bas-relief plaster Presidential Seal on the ceiling. The mantle in the Carter Center O.O. is wood – grained to look like marble and the whole thing is VERY convincing. The Resolute Desk looks so real it’s amazing. Good thing, since that’s as close to being inside the real Oval Office as I’ll ever get!

    I understand that Clinton had both his Oval Office AND the Cabinet Room reproduced at his Library. Maybe I’ll get to Little Rock someday to see it.

  6. Yes, the Clinton Library has both the Oval Office and the Cabinet room reproduced. The Clinton Cabinet replica is a hands on exhibit. There are interactive computer display built into the replica table. You can sit in the replica Cabinet member chairs while you sit at the table. One of my favorite pictures is of my daughter and me sitting at this table (a future President and her father perhaps?) I understand several of the other libraries are/have added the Cabinet Room to their libraries.
    Also, President Carter has 2 replicas of the Resolute Desk–one in the Oval Office replica and one in his private office at the Carter Center.

  7. I went to the kennedy library once, and that was the worst ecscuse for an oval office replica I have ever seen. It was essentially just eh abck 5 feet of the room with a desk.

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