18 thoughts on “New White House web site look

  1. I somewhat agree. The look is quite severe and corporate. not the relaxed style as previously seen. At least some of the tours have been updated, which is more than I can say for the whitehousehistory.org site. Time to freshen that baby up !!

  2. I really didn’t like it when I first saw it, but I think it’s the baby-blue that I don’t like. I know they use it on AF1 but . . .

  3. I prefered the old look, but that’s because I’m Southern… 🙂

    At least they didn’t screw up the 360 degree panoramas. They’re my favorite part.

    Is “Patrick from Indianapolis” – who asked about Amy Carter’s treehouse – on “Ask Bill Allman” our “Patrick” from the Blog? Just wondering.

    Mike b. thinks that Whitehousehistory.org is lagging behind? Guys?

  4. Just checked out the “What’s New” page – those new Secret Service uniforms are pretty sharp – even if they are a bit stiff…

  5. First Nixon and now Derek. Good thing he didn’t quit his day job!

    As Dennis has said, that’s definitely the 1902 McKim sofa in the Blue Room in the Tourist Pix. If I recall correctly, I remember seeing it in the Blue Room for at least a couple of Christmases – when they have the Big Tree up. And I seem to recall recently seeing a photo of the “Nellie Custis Sofa” in the Red Room, where the New York Dolphin-legged sofa normally is. They must have a maintenance schedule and plan to send these pieces out each Christmas for a tune-up.

    Boy – Katie and Ingrid in the W.H. elevator. No wonder they’re smiling!

  6. Ahhhhh… the “Nellie Custis” sofa that I just “recently recalled seeing”? That would be in the pic just below the 1902 McKim sofa on the “What’s New” page. Duh…..

  7. Hmmm really dont like the way the new website looks… like what derek said it’s too Boeing, and somewhat United Airlines…

    Not friendly like the previous layout… And i think it’s kinda tacky to use the Press Briefing Room sign as the main logo, what more to overlap the Presidential Seal! goodness…

  8. John, please tell us more about the Nellie Custis sofa. I don’t know anything about it, nor had I noticed the sofa change in that picture.

    They probably do the repairs at Christmas because people are looking more at the decorations and paying less attention to the furniture.

    I really have no comment about the new White House site. I didn’t go to it that often. I would guess that they did an upgrade because of the competition from this wonderful White House Museum site.

  9. All I know about it is that (a) Jackie Kennedy, in the Red Room during the White House tour, is pointing out the pieces of interest and refers to it as “Nellie Custis’es sofa” – and (b) the 2nd edition (1962) of the White House guidebook identifies it this way: “To the right of the fireplace is a graceful Empire sofa that belonged to Nellie Custis Lewis, grandaughter of Martha Washington and wife of George Washington’s nephew, Lawrence Lewis”.

    This same edition of the Guidebook shows the New York “dolphin legged” sofa that is normally in the Red Room, upholstered in a dark green stripe – and it appears to be (?) in the ground floor corridor. The next 1962 edition shows the “dolphin leg” sofa in place in the Red Room, where it’s been for all these many years.

    Gotta run right now, but I’ll see if I can scan these two pics (custis sofa in Red Room and dolphin sofa in green upholstery) and send them up to Derek.

  10. Isn’t that a picture of the “Nellie Custis” sofa on the Red Room page featuring the kennedy decor? It is a view from the back, but when comparing the 2006 Christmas photo with that photo it looks like the same one.

  11. whitehouse.gov will discuss their web site on thursday’s “ask the White House” at 4:00 PM E.T. for all those interested!

  12. whitehouse.gov will discuss their web site on thursday’s “ask the White House” at 4:00 PM E.T. for all those interested!

  13. Just to play devil’s advocate here, could it be possible that part of the reason that you guys dont like the look of the new white house site is becuase a siote that you regularly visit now has a brand new look?

    I know that when sites that I regularly visit change around, I at first hate the change, but tehn after a couple weeks grow used to it and eventually like it.

  14. Well, I can’t speak for the others, but I’m just grumpy, narrow minded and resistant to change! 🙂

    Actually, I hated my ISP’s new homepage when it first came out a while back, but now that it’s about to change again, the page I hated at first has suddenly become sacred… So yes, you do have a valid point!

    Still, after looking at it again today, the new White House site just seems dry as dust. It could have been a lot more visually interesting and still be dignified.

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