13 thoughts on “Presidents Day miscellany

  1. The Reagan state dinner was held for the Princess and Princess of Wales in the fall of 1985. You will notice at the table with Nancy Reagan is Prince Charles and Beverly Sills. On the other side of the room, with the President, is Princess Diana.

  2. Sweet photos. I especially like the one of the old press briefing room. Wierd how much its changed in 25 years.

    Speaking of the pess briefing room, has anyone got any photos of how the construction is coming or concept photos of how it will look when its done? Im curious.

  3. The Barney holiday video on the White House’s web site showed the room. That was December, but it really looked no where near done.

  4. Nice photos! I especially like the chefs preparing tater-tots for the Reagan State Dinner šŸ™‚

    Funny how Too Much Champaign at a Mardi Gras Ball can come back next morning and tap you on the head like a grand piano falling from the sky. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh… The wages of Sin…

    I keep on forgetting that “Barney” in this context is the Bush’es dog and not the evil purple dinosaur…

  5. Goin’ to get my ashes tomorrow! Actually my church, St. George’s Episcopal, is two blocks off the major parade route and we sell beer and sandwiches to the crowds and – MOST important of all – they have clean restrooms!

  6. Well, I guess for now the new press briefing room will reamin as mysterious as the western half of the third floor

  7. Yea, all those rooms on the west end of the 3rd floor, seperate from the center hall.

    So far, the only visual we ahve of that place is a picture of a bathroom.

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