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I mentioned at one time that I’d purchased Oneobservatorycircle.org and planned to do at least a few pages on the vice-president’s residence (Wonkette recently posted some really juicy photos called—in typical Wonkette fashion—”Inside the Monster’s Lair“), but I’ve also begun wondering about adding just a couple of pages about Air Force One (for which there are a good number of photos and even a pretty good diagram) and Camp David (for which there are some photos, but not a lot). I know these locations don’t have the allure of the White House, but they seem like logical extensions of the WHM.

I’m personally kind of curious about the old Mayflower and other presidential yachts, too, but I don’t think much in the way of photos or diagrams of them exist. I’m not very interested in Marine One or the presidential limos, since they are so small and utilitarian, but I know that some pretty good diagrams exist.

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  1. There are a couple of articles on the Vice Presidential House in old Architectural Digest articals – one way back in the 70’s, when Nelson Rockefeller was V.P. (but I think he actually lived in his monster Washington DC house on Foxhall Road) – and if I remember correctly, one in an AD from the George H.W.Bush era. I think I still have the earlier one – part of a trove of old AD’s I found at a yard sale – but I MAY have the Bush one too. I’ll see.

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