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The blog comments about the January 1961 issue of National Geographic and its cover article “Inside the White House” brought up this little book: The White House: Today and Yesterday. John in NOLA scanned the cover for us. He notes that this book is available through Abe Books and Amazon. Only 60 cents new, in 1962, the book is still available for next to nothing, but has some really wonderful photos—some John had never seen anywhere else and many we’ve all seen. “Worth adding to your collection, I assure you,” he says, altho he notes, “The size of the actual book is 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches,” so it’s quite small. I’ll check it out, but I’ll see if I can find the infamous “butcher” cover.

Also, visitor Chris points out that this week’s Newsweek features an article on the redecoration of the Lincoln Bedroom.

Update: Link to the Newsweek article online.

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  1. It’s a pretty neat little book – for what was just a mass-market book sold on the newstands in ’62. Several color “stills” of Jackie Kennedy’s White House tour and lots and lots of “through the years” pics of the various rooms. The only book of this kind I’ve ever seen – really shows the level of public interest in the Kennedy Rennovation at the time. Available for under $5.00 on the websites mentioned above. A bargain!

  2. P. 53 of the 2/12/07 issue of Newsweek features a great picture of the newly-renovated Lincoln Bedroom. Personally I think it’s a great improvement over the previous decor!

    Also, I have the book “White House Yesterday and Today” and it is worth having.

  3. Thanks for the tip, Chris and Scott – headed out to pick up a “Newsweek” right now – if I don’t get stuck in Mawty Graw parades…

  4. Oh well – I went over to the Barnes and Noble across the river (the only shopping I can reach during Mardi Gras insanity) and, 30 minutes at the toll both and one ferry ride back across the river later (tollbooth going the other way backed up 4 miles) all they had was the 2/19/07 issue of Newsweek… *sigh*. At least I got groceries! I can probably catch up with the 2/12/07 issue at the Library, when I can get TO it, next Wednesday. Oh, the things we White House junkies do to get a fix…

    Happy Mardi Gras, Y’all. Bah! humbug! : )

  5. And THEN it dawned on me to (gasp!) see if it might be online at the Newsweek website… After I Googled “Newsweek” I just entered “Lincoln Bedroom” in the search box and up it came.

    And it is. Beautiful pix of the new Lincoln bedroom!

    I’m not very good at transfering links to blog pages – but go to (http://www.msnbc.msn.com//id/16960419/site/newsweek/) and you’ll see several pics of the room from various angles.

    It really looks FINE. A big white round-head firebox mantle, gaudy carpet and everything! Looks like a bedroom in a really huge house in Natchez. I’m glad to see Victorian being given its due – at last.

    Thanks so much, guys, for letting us know Newsweek had thses great shots! And hey, I did get a cool ferry ride…

  6. I have to say I always liked the other LB look, but this is way better. And to try and get back that old look of the fireplace – – – wow. Looks just like the one in the old lincoln photo.

  7. “Oh, the things we White House junkies do to get a fix… “

    I totally agree! What is funny is that no matter how many times I think I’ve seen pictures of the rooms of the White House and pictures of the changes through the years; I still can’t get enough! My personal favorites are the Kennedy and Reagan years (Kennedy State Floor; Reagan 2nd and 3rd floors.) Although I must say, the house looks great with Laura Bush and Bill Allman at the helm right now…and I think Mrs. Bush is inspired by Mrs. Kennedy (as evidenced by the Yellow Oval Room Chandelier)

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