Yellow Oval chandelier

Mike B writes:

While looking on the site this morning, I noticed a photo of Laura Bush entertaining in the Yellow Oval Room. The chandelier overhead looked noticeably different from the one in past photos. Am I seeing things or was the chandelier recently switched with one that looks remarkably like one from the Kennedy/Johnson era ?

You are definitely correct. That certainly looks like the chandelier used in the Kennedy era. It’s beautiful and a tad less formal than the one used thru the Clinton era. It looks a lot like the one in the old Family Dining Room.

One thought on “Yellow Oval chandelier

  1. The chandelier currently in the Yellow Oval Room is indeed the Louis XVI fixture secured for the room in 1961…properly Louis XVI in style and not the Empire fixture installed there in 1974 (from the Kennedy Blue Room). The Family Dining Room chandelier has been in place since at least the 1952 renovation; it was electrified only in the Nixon years.

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