Wingnut’s dream

As mentioned in the Lincoln post comments, Wingnut dreamed he got a chance to walk the halls of the White House and see all the nooks and crannies… but forgot his camera. That kicked off a series of others’ “dreams” for the White House. Mine is less about decor and more about architecture:

Turn the second floor small bedroom hall and entries into vestibules and their bathrooms into walk-in closets. Turn part of the north Closet Hall into a fenestrated bath for the east bedroom and the Beauty Salon into a fenestrated bath for the west bedroom. The vestibules create a space for a table and chair, where servants could pick up and leave trays and the occupants could drop bags, shoes, and coats. It turns hall space into closet space. And it gives me a chance to use the term “fenestrated.” I imagine plumbing over the Entrance Hall would be a pain, but I’m dreaming….

4 thoughts on “Wingnut’s dream

  1. I’m going to run up to the Solarium, enjoy the views, have a bourbon and diet, watch old movies and enjoy the day. I’m not getting into this one!

  2. When I saw the thumbnail of the revised plan I shouted “my eyes!!! my eyes!!!!” 😀

    Remember, Derek said it was only dream-related :p

  3. This is funny. I too have long harbored a vision for redesigning the layout of the two north bedrooms.

    It always seemed to me that JBK’s dining room was in the wrong location since it took one of the lovely corner suites out of commission and would make more sense nearer the Yellow Oval Room for entertertaining ease. It would also allow the entire West End to be totally private.

    I don’t know how Derek did his graphic, so I’ll verbally describe mine:
    So, my scheme…the west wall of the East Bedroom would be removed, so that that room had two windows and was a more squarish room. The main entrance to this room would be the double doors that currently go into Miss Shaw’s old room (closet). The east bathroom would be a powder room that opened off the little vestibule that currently serves these three rooms (That little closet would have to be removed).

    The West Bedroom would become the kitchen, the bath a pantry and the Beauty Salon would provide servants access to and from the kitchen.

    Guess this conclusively proves I have too much time on my hands! (grin)

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