HABS photo collection

Visitor Chris reports:

I contacted the Library of congress today about possibly getting a hold of the HABS collection in color. They put me in touch with the national park service. I called them and they connected me to the original phtographer who did the white house.

I asked him about possibly getting the white house collection in color and he told me that is doesnt exist. The black and whites are how they photograph them, however at some points in major areas they will throw in a color one from the same angle just, as he put it “for fun”.

Dang. Thanks for the news, Chris. I was just contemplating ordering prints of a few of the HABS photos in hopes of getting them in color. They’re $25 a piece for 8 x 10″, so this saved me some cash.

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  1. I was suprised that I was actually connected to the saem guy that did the white house. Youd think 15 years later they would have gotten a diffrent guy.

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