More Reagan than you can shake a stick at

Logan P sent me a double helping of Reagan-era color photos from two different sources, one of which is the Dec 1981 issue of Architectural Digest (which, coincidentally, I had just bought on Ebay and which hadn’t arrived yet). That gave me my first look at the Master Bedroom Chinese wallpaper in color (a little underwhelming, actually) and Nancy’s study (a little overwhelming–it’s not Reagan red; it’s mint green!).

I’m pursuing permission from AD (Conde Nast, actually), but I’ll post them soon either way and take them down if I have too. I think they fall into fair use anyway, given that the site is purely educational, the pictures are of public interest, and the images I post are too small for print purposes, but I don’t want to step on copyrights where they apply.

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Update: Okay–posted ’em. Boy, they look great. Thanks again, Logan!

9 thoughts on “More Reagan than you can shake a stick at

  1. Interesting use of the two guest rooms overlooking the north portico. A good example of how any President can make the second and third floors very much to his liking and need.

  2. Wow. Great color pics now that I see them.

    Beats having to stare at all of the B/W’s. It was great to have them to see what was up in those rooms, but the color really adds.


  3. Amen Anon. I remember Derek cursing about the B/W photos. it was something Like “you’d think this day in age they’d get a clue and let them be color” after all they were relatively recent in history.

  4. Yeah, this clearly shows that the HABS photos were shot in color, so why would the Library of Congress only offer black and white? And it also shows that it’s possible to get those photos in color if, I suppose, you go thru the formal process of photo requests.

  5. Im definatly going to look into that.

    Il contact teh library of congress on monday and see what i can arrange.

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