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This weblog has largely taken on the role of correcting mistakes I’ve made in the placement or captioning of pictures. Just today John from NOLA pointed out by e-mail that I had a pic of Laura in the Lib’ary labeled as the Map Room–I pled ignorance owing to latenight copying of the WH’s own mistake!

Therefore, I have made changes to the Questions & Answers page to make it more strictly Q&A. Since this eliminates all the corrections visitors had sent, it has the added benefit of making me look like an infallible genius. Suffice it to say I greatly value (and am humbled by) the frequent corrections and contributions I find in my inbox. I look forward to many more in the future.

3 thoughts on “Question & Answers

  1. This just goes to show what I’ve come to know . . .

    White House Museum > *

    ( . . . even the official White House site :D)

  2. I kind of agree. Everyone makes mistakes. With the Q&A page being so prominent, the perception may develop over time that a webpage filled with corrections may make the site seem – – dotty or unable to be a reliable source for information. Again I say "perception".

    Without having an admission of WHM imperfections front and center, relying on a “background” area like the blog for corrections signifies a low profile a head-fake towards a willingness to acknowledge that mistakes do happen.

  3. Derek, the White House Website link you sent me to – that photo of Laura Bush in the Library, mis-identified on their website as “The Map Room”? It was dated September 10, 2001. Certainly understandable that things were a bit chaotic that week.

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