Nixon in the National Archives

I found some more Nixon pics of use in the National Archives. Ugh, what an awful site that is; inconvient to use and containing low-quality images. It’s like mining for tin. “This sure is a lot of trouble. I hope I get a really good piece of tin out of it.”

Anyway, I added pics of the Basement flower shop, Tricia as bride in the Cross Hall, Dick in the Treaty Room, and Pat in the West Sitting Hall.

Also, I added a link to the What’s New page over on the right of the blog, so I don’t have to include it in every post where I say there are new images.

7 thoughts on “Nixon in the National Archives

  1. I really like the Treaty Room as is now used for the President’s Private Study under Bush 43 and Clinton. The use of the conference table made for Andrew Johnson as the desk, as well as the other Victorian pieces remind us of a distinct period of style and decoration in WH history, as do the Lincoln Bedroom and Sitting Room.

    The wood trimmed sofa between the windows was used in JBK’s treaty room and also goes back to the Johnson/Grant era.

    I didn’t like Bush 41’s style as much, because he toned down the Victorian look and didn’t use the conference table. Instead, he used the Resolute desk, which is beautiful, but has developed associations now with the Oval Office in the WW.

    I hope that in the future, both the conference table and Resolute desk will remain where they are now. There has been enough photographic history to make us miss them if they are not used.

    The Treaty Room was the Monroe Room during Ike’s years and he never used it as his private study. His, like Truman and FDR, was next door in the Oval Room, though he did use the Monroe Room for bridge.

  2. I agree with Dennis about the use of the desks. I for one grew more fond of the Clinton color scheme of burgundy/red walls and the Treaty Table by the windows. The 43 set up is still nice though.

  3. 43 has placed the treaty table in the same position as 41.

    I think using the Treaty Room as the study in the residence is a great combination of the practical and historic. I always wondered if JBK’s Treaty Room was used very much for anything or was more for show. I note in the one photo that even when JFK did sign a Treaty in there he used a different desk.

    It’s interesting to note that JFK and LBJ did not have a study in the resdidence, while most of the other 20th century presidents did.

  4. Hey! Did anyone else notice that in Tricia Nixon’s wedding picture the flags are on the wrong sides of the door? The American flag should be to the viewer’s left, and to Tricia’s right.

    See other pictures under Center Hall! Is the photo reversed?

  5. The President’s Flag seems to show the seal/eagle configured the correct way looking to the left with the arrows in the right talons. I would guess that someone goofed.

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