What’s New and Furnishings page (test)

I put together a test of a What’s New page and an index and sample page for furnishings to try out the ideas. Of course, to try out what’s new, I had actually add something new, so I looked for some new Ford pics in the National Archives, but didn’t come up with much.

5 thoughts on “What’s New and Furnishings page (test)

  1. Derek:

    It looks great!! I really like the “What’s New” page and how it is linked to the room pages. Thanks!!

  2. I figure the What’s New page will be a running list, and I’ll delete things once they aren’t new. The blog will continue to be a history of changes.

  3. ***nothing to do with the What’s new page***

    Woah! I never saw that Truman map of the West Wing before. Cool add!!! 🙂

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