They’re spying on Nicolas Cage!!

Pete sent a link to a New York Times article showing off the nearly-completed Situation Room. Great pic of the conference room, but check out the video feed of Nick Cage on the right! They’re monitoring his movements! I always figured that guy was a national security threat. Serves him right for stealing the Declaration of Independence.

Update: WaPo article – no pics.

8 thoughts on “They’re spying on Nicolas Cage!!

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  2. Hello Mr. Jensen:

    My name is Jason Daley and I was once co-owner of NicInfo, the Nicolas Cage fan club at I am a graduate of Columbia University and am pursuing a career in international affairs.

    It’s interesting to note that they have a video of Cage running in the Situation Room. I always knew he was “important”! Thanks for the news, I would have missed it.

    If you have a mailing list please add me. I may be reached at

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