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I’ve posted a page for the TR renovation. I’m still not satisfied with the structure of these pages, tho. I’ve linked to the major renovations from the Residence page but also from the East Wing and West Wing pages, where they are also relevant, and it seems a little circular.

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  1. A good start! It would be neat to have all of the handtinted photos on the TR site.

    The President’s Room (not office) was in the southeast corner of the “temporary” Executive Wing under TR. He felt it important to keep his real office in the mansion, in what became the Treaty Room under JBK, and is now the President’s Study in the residence.

    At first, many resented not meeting TR in his real office, but rather in The President’s Room.

    TR’s cabinet room was in the NE corner and was connected to the President’s Room by double pocket doors.

    It was Taft who created the first Oval Office, in the south center of an expanded West Wing.

  2. I’ll make notes of these points. I plan to post a floor plan of the original Ex Off building. I don’t know if I have Taft’s expansion.

  3. If you can get a hold of it,
    White House History, Number 11 has extensive photos of the new and “temporary” West Wing during the TR renovation.

    Also in Seale, The White House, History of an American Idea, pp.172=173. Taft renovation of WW is covered on 204 -205.

    To Taft goes the honor of creating the Oval Office of the President.

  4. Dennis, we need some scans of that WW stuff from Number 11

    Derek, you have a floor plan of the WW from that era? Cool! When are you going to post it? I’d appreciate a sneak peak.

    I did a search for Number 11 but I couldn’t find a copy. Arrrg.

  5. You could order it from the White House Historical Association, or if you live near DC, you could go there and buy it. They have all of the back copies.

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