Family residence in color

Snapped several more photos of photos from Seale’s The White House, which I believe are public domain via government photographers. Some of these are clearly color versions of photos available from the HABS project and Truman Library (I always suspected that the HABS photos were shot in color and archived in black and white for some arcane reason). The pics include Truman and Bush 1 second floor Central Hall and Yellow Oval Room; the modern Closet Hall window view, and the Bush 1 Red Room.

I also did a bit of cleanup of the third floor on some sloppy HABS pics that I hadn’t cropped.


2 thoughts on “Family residence in color

  1. I really dislike the black and white photos, they make the rooms look more bleak and rundown, more than they probably were.

    I think of West describing the post-FDR second floor looking like a “abandoned hotel” when the Trumans moved in. Black and white photos make even the Truman rooms (pre-renovation) lookrun down, the Center and West Halls, for example.

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