Nerd pride

I’m rather proud–in a way that only readers of this blog can appreciate–of a little addition to the Oval Office page, a picture of Bill Clinton’s rug that I digitally warped to appear flat from overhead and partially reconstructed. I found a nice source pic of a repro on display at the Clinton Birthplace.

This is the rug that Laura told The Scotsman was “loud,” but I would say it’s my third favorite, after the rugs of Reagan and Bush 2.


3 thoughts on “Nerd pride

  1. While looking at the OO page to see the Reagan rug, I was struck with laughter at the Johnson/McNamara photo. I’ve heard so many stories about Johnson’s ego and how he had a hydraulic “king chair” on AF1 so that he would sit higher than everyone else, and how he liked to have phones and gadgets hooked up to everything, even his end tables. In that photo you can see the phone hooked on to the table next to the window . . . and get a load of the phone on the desk. The cable coming out of it has to be an inch and a half thick!! And look at the desk . . . it’s huge! That guy did nothing ‘small’.

  2. And you can’t see them in the photos I have on the OO page, but don’t forget the console with three TVs in it!

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