Holiday miscellany

I created a Truman Reconstruction page and revised the Residence Overview.

After watching the HGTV White House Christmas special, I revisited the East Wing and changed some of the text for the Lobby. I finally created a page for the East Colonnade.

And I added a few other pics here and there, including the Truman-era Carpenters’ Shop at the bottom of the Basement page.

2 thoughts on “Holiday miscellany

  1. I think it would be nice to have some of the pics of the empty-shell interior of the house with tractors and digging from the Truman site.

    Also some of the shots from the interior “close to being finished” kind of deal where workers are on their knees laying sub flooring in the West Sitting hall.

    Even some of the demolition photos of the interior are quite cool.

    If you already have these somewhere else on the site, forgive my brain-fart. 🙂


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