The 1960s

Got around to setting up my camera and got out my Kennedy-Johnson books and shot a number of photos of photos from the era, including the Kennedy Press Briefing Room swimming pool mural, the Johnson Yellow Oval Room, Kennedy and Johnson Family Dining Room, Johnson and 1890 West Sitting Hall, Luci’s wedding reception in the East Room, and the Diplomatic Reception Room. I have several more I’ll do later.

Update: Added the Kennedy Library, Queen’s Bedroom, Treaty Room, and the Oval Office with Boudin’s red rug and LBJ’s desk and the Cabinet Room.

Update: Added JFK, Jr in the President’s Secretary’s Office, the replanting of the Rose Garden, the Kennedys playing in the South Fountain (!), and Caroline’s kindergarten class in the Sun Room, the third floor Central Hall, and the Family Theater.

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