Capturing WH video clips

When I first starting creating WHM, I tried to pull the official White House video clips on pages like Life in the West Wing to archive them in a more-or-less permanent place. But because of the way they are encoded (RealMedia) and hosted (some non-gov site), I couldn’t even figure out how to link to them from WHM, much less save them and host them myself (I’m pretty sure they’re government-created and therefore public domain). Before this administration retires to points west, I’d like to capture them so they’re available in the future. Anyone who can figure out how to download (as opposed to just view) the clips, I’d like to hear it.

5 thoughts on “Capturing WH video clips

  1. In one forum I’ve chatted in someone said that there is software that can capture stuff like Youtube and Google Video so that it can save to your Cdrive, but I will have to dig to find out if it will even work for the Wh stuff.

  2. Also, if it’s any consolation, I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the Clinton’s still kept all the various versions of their websites that they had over the years of his presidency on a website (can’t remember if it was his official library that they were being kept)

    Maybe Bush will do the same? Anyone will be able to access the Bush era site after he’s out of office. Then maybe all of the videos will be preserved too?

  3. I have used SnapzPro X on the Mac to capture some video with the same setup as the WH. It turns the into Quicktime movies, the only downside is they are quite large. If you know someone who has one maybe they can do it for you.


  4. Did Clinton’s version of the WH site ever have video?

    Even though there’s no video for the Clinton Admin, it still may mean that the Bush videos will stay on his own respective site after a new president takes office.

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