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Using a new, more accurate layout by Pete and screen caps from the DVDs, I’ve created a page just for The West Wing‘s version of the West Wing. However, this now creates a weird situation where Pete’s detailed reviews of TWW by season are on the Movies & TV page and the floor plan and photos are on another page. I hesitate to put the detailed reviews on the new page with the floor plan and photos because I’m afraid they’re going to end up quite lengthy once Pete has reviewed a few more seasons.

I’m hoping for some comments that will help solve this dilemma. What would WH enthusiasts prefer and what would TWW enthusiasts prefer?

4 thoughts on “TV West Wing page

  1. There’s a mislabel on the PBR. That’s the entranceway labelled as the PBR right now.

    The PBR on the show is situated in the room where the “+” sign is. They must cut to another stage to do PBR interior shots and the PBR doesn’t fit into the full WW stage-set.

    I believe that the review page should just stay as is, with the small thumbnail on it, if people click on it, it’ll go to the full page layout.

    In season 6 and 7, it will be more apparent that NBC built more and more of the residence, so the reviews will be distinctive season by season. But they will be gardedly short since the review of season 1 needed to be a bit longer.

  2. So where in the TV West Wing floorplan is the Cabinet Room? Considering how important the Cabinet is in the life of the President, I’m surprised that it is not included.

    Even though a true student of the White House, I never got into West Wing. Partly because I worked on Wednesday nights.

  3. Yes Dennis you’d think the cabinet room would be in there. It was a real head scratcher for me too. Bartlett never spends any time with the cabinet since the show focuses on the WW staff and not the Secretaries. So in the interest of a warm and comfortable room they created the Mural Room instead.

    In one of the later seasons they do show the cabinet room but they must have placed it on another stage somewhere. So I’d say out of seven season you only see the Bartlett cabinet room maybe twice.


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