One Observatory Circle

I was chatting with a friend today about a funny web site, and something about it triggered me to think of another web site to create. I checked domain names and found that domains related to the vice-president’s residence were–to my surprise–available, so I registered:


I had thought about creating a page or two about the residence of the vice-president–or, as I will now frequently call it, 1OC (official | Wikipedia)–but it had never occurred to me that the actual domain names would be available. The obvious thing now would be to create a site similar to White House Museum, altho there isn’t nearly as much information available about it, nor history (nor interest, for that matter).

I also considered making a satirical web site like, that would satirize the vice-president by pretending to be his home page and blog (“Friday: Still missing Rummy,”) but that would take a lot of time and acerbic wit, both of which I need to conserve for [warning: political opinion].

One thought on “One Observatory Circle

  1. All I can tell you is that I for one am not interested in the VP’s house. Others may be and that’s cool, just my humble opinion.


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