New pics

I kind of hoped that the mid-term elections would prompt the president to host some events that would provide good photos of the Residence (like the YOR or the Treaty Room), but the only interesting thing I’ve seen so far is one of GWB in the President’s Dining Room with Congressional leaders. I did find a couple of neat ones on the Time website, however, including one of the Family Dining Room being prepared for the Karzai-Musharraf dinner and one of a butler in the Cross Hall.


4 thoughts on “New pics

  1. Unless the dinner cocktails are screwdrivers, I think that the President’s Dining Room picture is a breakfast.

    It’s also interesting that in the Family Dining Room photo, there was the deliberate removing of the rectangular table and replacing it with a round one. Since both tables could seat 8, this was no doubt for diplomatic purposes.

  2. Well, if I could learn to read, I would have noticed the White House’s caption for W’s breakfast. Not being an early riser myself, it was hard to imagine being up, washed, suited, combed, shod, and driven anywhere before the sun was up (especially given the hangover I would have had if I was those guys).

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